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Dr. Richard Husband photoA native of Modesto, Dr. Richard Husband was born in 1904 to Modesto’s first telegraph operator who was also a local pharmacist.  A graduate of Modesto High School and Modesto Junior College, he earned his medical degree from Stanford University in 1929.

Dr. Husband returned to Modesto and started the Residency program of Stanislaus County in connection with the Stanford University School of Medicine in 1931, concurrently maintaining a private surgical practice from 1933 to 1968.  He was the Medical Director for Stanislaus County Hospital from 1933 to 1951. In 1951, he served as the President of Staff at Memorial Medical Center.

Dr. Husband had a rich and rewarding personal life as well.  He had three children: Joanne, Jacqueline and John by his wife, childhood sweetheart Muriel Cressey. He served in WWII as a Major in the US Army Air Force Medical Corp, and returned to Modesto to encourage his wife in her pursuits. She is remembered as a remarkably generous woman and gracious hostess. Dr. Husband was a life long member of the Elks Club, a charter member of the Del Rio Country Club, Past President and member of the Stanislaus County Medical Society, a member of the California and American Medical Associations, the American College of Surgeons and Stanford Medical Alumni.

Dr. Husband’s legacy continues today through the continued success of the Stanislaus Family Medicine Residency Program, the Stanislaus Health Foundation Husband Trust, established by his wife, Mrs. Dorothy Husband, and through the Oklahoma College of Medicine Sheila M. Crow and Dr. Richard D. Husband Clinical Skills Education and Testing Center, a state of the art facility where medical students, residents, and physicians can perfect their skills using advanced medical simulation technologies.

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